Our Story

Our Story

Millie and Joy’s owner, Laura Lopez, had dreamed of opening her own boutique for as long as she could remember. Right out of high school, she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York where she received her bachelor's degree in Fashion Merchandising Management.  However, marriage and kids led her in another direction....

Until now. 

In June of 2019, Mrs. Lopez opted for early retirement from her career as an elementary school teacher. After eleven years, she had decided it was time to stay true to what she had been preaching to her students all those years: “Do what you love.”  And so, she left the classroom to follow her passion.   

Lopez is thrilled to be able to offer the residents of Rahway and the surrounding communities a shopping experience akin to the likes of something you might see in a hip New York Neighborhood, but without the high price tags or long commute!

Shopping has always been her favorite thing to do with her mother, Joyce (the "Joy" in Millie and Joy). It is Lopez’s hope that Millie and Joy (which is also named after her grandmother, Mildred aka "Millie") will allow mothers and daughters/aunts and nieces to shop side-by side and create good old-fashioned memories while having fun and finding unique clothing, gift items, and accessories.